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Travellers Rest is a tavern management game where you can brew your own beer, run a farm, and build relationships. You are an innkeeper, on a journey to transform a run-down tavern into a bustling social space. Based in a cheerful fantasy setting, Travellers Rest is home to people to meet, places to explore, and lost magic. Along your journey you’ll discover new things to brew, farm, cook, and build to create your perfect fantasy tavern.

Crafting and progression

Brew beers, distil spirits, and make wines. Create the perfect crisp lager or the wildest sour. Travellers Rest will allow you to discover and craft a whole array of food, drink, and items. Along this journey you'll gain experience to level-up and further customise your character. Spend your points in six technology trees relating to nature, building, cooking, brewing, socialising, and magic!


Build and manage your own fantasy tavern! Fully customise it with furniture, cosmetics, decorations, and entertainment for your guests. Increase your tavern reputation over time to earn rewards and unlock more options to make your dream tavern.

Customers and community

Every day will bring new customers to your tavern. Serve them drinks, food, and provide a room for travellers. Send budding adventurers on quests or spread rumours. Get to know your regulars and visit them in the nearby village. Meet the locals and become part of the community!

Farming and exploration

Your tavern will be surrounded a whole world to explore! Farm and forage for your crafting ingredients and trade with local merchants. Explore the world for rare items to create unique brews and food.


Plan and manage your tavern to meet customer demands. Prepare for the weekend rush or a big visitor, such as a famous bard or royalty. Create specific food and drink for the current season or the latest craze.


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It will NOT let me install it. I can select where to install, but under the "Install" tab, there is nothing to select. IDK if there's an issue on my part or yours..

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The game has a lot of potential, really enjoyed the demo! Worth a look if you love Stardew! Made a short video to give people an overview but will be uploading my full demo playthrough in a few days! Keep up the good work!

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Thank you!


Lovely game, my only bad feedback is that sometimes it is difficult to place new items. Other than that I loved the game. I definitely will be purchasing when it is available.


hey, can i ask, what do you use to make this game?

if you download the demo it will say made with unity(im not devoloper btw)

he may used unity :D

Yes, with Unity

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This game seem like tavern owner simulator :3 This is awesome :) I like it! 

music is good. I feel enjoy >w<) and game design is pretty good too.(I can't said surely because i stil didn't play full game)

i just have 2-3  problems in this demo (i don't know lastest game process ) is 

(1) my finger is so tired when (because walk is slow) i want to run everytime  So i press shift and WASD in same time (can switch 'run' (without press shift) and 'walk' (with press shift) or atleast can setting this)

(2) Font is small. I can see them but hard to read them. because font is small (or maybe type of font, i don't know)

(3) I want to pick up some wood  below side but menu game is front (cover up) ;-;) It's no problem to pick up but i'm just feel little annoy. I want auto move menu from below to upper when Player move to below side.

Don't worry It's just my onion.. i mean opinion.

however, THIS IS SO NICE GAME!! :-)

Had a little fun, some mess got stuck under some of the AI and I could not clean it, rappidly losing REP. Look forward to playing it in a more finished, polished state.


Hi there! Awesome looking game. Is there a demo for Mac by any chance? If not, is there a way to try the demo on a Mac? Thanks!


I'm interested in Mac version too!


Hello, yes a Mac/Linux build is planned during Early Access!


Will this be releasing here as well?

I had a lot of fun with the demo, but it cut off waaaay too soon, and I'd love to buy the game.

I don't really purchase on Steam, though. It's GOG or Itch for me.


Hi there, the game will be released on GOG, hopefully!

I'm also a GoG person. It'd be really nice to see this game there, soon :)

And yes: Steam sucks :)

Lost my entire account there years back so, while I do occasionally redeem a gift or unlock some bundle content on my replacemernt accoutn, I don't really buy there anymore.

I like how, with either Itch or GOG, even if I were to be completely banned from the store I wouldn't lose the games I already bought. They're on my NAS, not lost in the cloud, so while I may miss a patch if I don't have access to the account I bought it on I won't ever lose everything again.

Funny, my GoG games are also stored on my NAS :)

It's true, you can never really lose your GoG purchases and even GoG can't take them away from you!

Hey, this game looks awesome, I accidentally found this when I was searching for Stardew Valley. This looks very similar to it. I was fascinated by the fact that this was developed in unity. I appreciate the effort you put into this game. Do you run any YouTube channel or did you document your journey from starting to the end of this game? If yes I'd love to see that. Anyway, this game looks slick!

Many thanks! Here is the twitter account that was updated along the journey (https://twitter.com/louqou1) but feel free to join us on Discord and ask any question you may have: https://discord.gg/gA8RPQz

Hi! It was a nice game and I love it! and can u still keep updating this even its a demo?

Hello and thank you! I'm glad you like it. We do plan to release the game on early access so the demo will not be updated for now. 

when the game finish, does it will be free or must buy

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It will not be free but still thinking about the pricing...

i hope it will be affordable :), since corona my money been depleted so fast

I really enjoyed the demo! I do have one problem, I play left handed (IJKL for movement) and have inventory bound to U. But it seems U is also hard-bound to Customize Character. I think it's an easy fix, just allow Customize Character to be rebound. Thank you!

Thank you! I've just added the ability to rebind the customise character key in the upcoming early-access build.

Why don't you use the arrow buttons instead? I'm also left-handed (only on the computer, long story^^) and I'm totally fine with the arrow keys! :)

This is a great demo. Looking forward to playing the full game. Nice work!

Thank you!

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Any info on when this will be available on early access?

Hi and thank you for your interest! We plan to release the early access in about a month. You can already try the demo here and wishlist the game too: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1139980/Travellers_Rest/


Loved the demo and added it to wishlist just looking forward to the early access release.